Top 20 Photos of the Week

<p>Rosie Park gets roses from her senior prom date during her ice show performance in Northbrook. | Nic Summers/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>A Libertyville player is mobbed by his team after making the winning hit of the game. | Brian O'Mahoney/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Nine-year-old, Redding Worth, and her dog, "Leo" at the Lake Forest Dog Day Parade.| Brian O'Mahoney/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Morgan Park's second base player jumps over a Simeon runner. | Gary Middendorf/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Mom balances her time between her son and fighting her cancer. | Taylor Irby/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>During his floor exercises a Hinsdale South gymnast flips upside down. | Jon Cunningham/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Ash says hello to John Webster at the Lake Forest Dog Day Parade. | Brian O'Mahoney/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>This Crown Point shot putter launches into the rain. | Jim Karczewski/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>A Hobart long jumper leans back to stretch for distance. | Jim Karczewski/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>GreenSense celebration of their vertical farming business in Portage. | Jim Karczewski/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>A spike attempt by Oak Park-River Forest is blocked by Leyden. | Jeff Krage/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Indiana Troopers honor fallen officers. | Jim Karczewski/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Hinsdale Central and Benet Academy players fight for the ball. | Jon Cunningham/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Happy IVY Tech grads at their graduation. | John Booz/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>A Yorkville runner catches her breath at the end of the 3200 meter run. | Ray Luna/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Mayor Weisner of Aurora gets his head shaved for his Shave For The Students fundraiser. | Jon Langham/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Ashley Cohn flies through the air during the Northbrook Ice Show. | Nic Summers/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Highland Park High School students protest the forced resignation of the school's principal. | Brian O'Mahoney/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Lake Zurich's softball pitcher puts on her game face delivering the ball. | Joe Cyganowski/for Sun-Times Media</p>
<p>Dressed in protective clothing a Park Ridge police officer plays the "bad guy" during a training exercise. | Brian O'Mahoney/for Sun-Times Media</p>

Take a look at 20 of the best photos of the week. Prom, graduation, summer sports and more are featured.

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