Property transfers: Oxford Drive property sells for $700,000

<p>Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr</p>

Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr


EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.


31 Oxford Drive, #4: Qiuming Li and Han Zeng to Beata Bank and Patricia A Bank for $700,000 on July 30

2 Reliance Lane, #1: Bank of New York Mellon and Cwalt Inc Alt Loan Trust 2006-Oc8 to John Dean and Sheila Dean for $250,000 on Aug. 2

22575 N Riverwoods Road: Reece Livingstone and Deborah Livingstone to Fabiola C Delgado for $590,000 on July 29

9 Court of Wilmington, #4: Gordon Grubert and Eleanor Grubert to Carol Reichart for $445,000 on Aug. 2

6 Court of Connecticut River Valley, #4: Marlene Friedman to Lauri Hakanen and Lynda Hakanen for $412,000 on July 29

46 Windsor Drive, #3: Christopher J Schnirel and Hilary S Schnirel to Gordon Chiu for $480,000 on Aug. 1


1359 Blackheath Lane: Xiang Chun Xu and Ying Fu Xu to Edward Zhu and Mie Sophia Lu for $485,000 on Aug. 1

423 Shadow Creek Lane, #5: Matthew L Willens to Deepak P Nawal and Nisha M Nawal for $627,500 on July 29

Lake Forest

1116 Sir William Lane: George M Murray III and Nora W Murray to Andrew C Johnson and Carrie A Masquida for $1,130,000 on Aug. 1

919 Coventry Drive: Robert A Raubach and Janet L Raubach to Peter Paul Vander Velde and Martha Vander Velde for $920,000 on Aug. 2


1780 Hickory Knoll Road: Alan Stupell and Andrea Stupell to Mathew Cox and Carolyn R Cox for $665,000 on Aug. 2

644 Inverrary Lane, #3: Sandy C Grant to Marina Shved and Alex Shvedchenko for $89,000 on Aug. 2

1525 Oakwood Place: Benjamin P Cohen and Jennifer S Cohen to Redrock Development 2013 Series LLC for $445,000 on Aug. 2

754 Grouse Court, #50: Sergey Kiriychuk to Aleksandr Shulmanovich for $214,000 on Aug. 2

1014 Inverrary Lane, #5: Mary Jo Sobrowski to Sadegh Podfar for $87,400 on July 31

1140 Inverrary Lane, #6: Bank New York Mellon Trust and Cwalt Inc Alternative Loan Trust 20076 to David X Wei for $77,000 on July 29

817 Castlewood Lane: Brandon Fleener and Laura M Fleener to Justin Lerner and Sarin Lerner for $480,000 on July 31

2714 Birchwood Lane: Darrell P Drake and Larisa J Drake to Mindy C Truitt and Debora E Leighton for $335,000 on July 29

689 Timberhill Road, #1: Robert E Matthews and Rose M Matthews to Seth Howard and Heather Howard for $362,500 on July 29

1103 Hazel Ave: Christopher Ballard and Kristin L Ballard to Andrew D Ross and Lindsay S Ross for $665,000 on Aug. 2

1345 Hackberry Road, #3: Mark Depersio to Matthew Darin and Nikki Darin for $640,000 on July 29

1520 Gordon Terrace, #1: Gary Grossman and Susan Grossman to Christopher Rodgers and Allison Rodgers for $615,000 on Aug. 2

1535 Gordon Terrace: Xuesong Li and Feng Zhang to David M Ginsburg and Cheryl A Meltzer for $505,000 on July 29

1050 Brookside Lane: George W Hedstrom and Perette L Hedstrom to Adam Andersen and Brittany Andersen for $350,000 on July 31

865 Brookside Lane: Yan Yang and David Ehrlich to Ed Uyehara and Maria Uyehara for $385,000 on Aug. 2

412 Kelburn Road, #412212: Sheila Seif to Alan Croft for $166,500 on Aug. 1

Vernon Hills

275 E Saddle Back Road, #3: Koehne Robert S Trust 09/30/2003, Koehne Sandra Trust 09/30/2003, Robert S Koehne Trust and Sandra Koehne Trust to Xiaoxin Sun and Cuibao Mo for $540,000 on July 29


45 Prairie Park Drive: Michael Rosenberg to Emily L Scully for $135,000 on July 30

20 Legacy Lane: Millbrook Pointe Development LLC to Tai Chung Lim and Sung Lee Lim for $380,000 on July 31

325 Forestway Lane: Yakov Popkov to Vaidas Ulba for $145,000 on July 31

655 Hale Court, #36: Lazaro Hernandez and Lacey Bowden Hernandez to Dsm Property Inc for $72,000 on July 29

100 N Milwaukee Ave, #1: Arkadiy Goldenberg and Sofa Goldenberg to Don Kim and Dennis Kim for $172,000 on July 30

100 N Milwaukee Ave, #1: Kurt Radtke and Erich Radtke to Kurt Radtke and Karin M Radtke for $67,000 on July 30

110 N Milwaukee Ave, #2: Meesook Park to Sam Shusterman and Luda Shusterman for $165,000 on July 30

584 Fairway View Drive, #2: Aleksandr Gitman to Yelena Pozin for $55,000 on July 29 

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