Metra cancels several rush hour trains

Metra train  |  File photo
Metra train | File photo

Commuters heading home from downtown Chicago need to double check their train schedules after Metra canceled several trains. See schedule changes below:

Due to the continued hazardous weather conditions, Metra riders are advised that we will be operating modified schedules on some of our lines for the evening rush. Specifically, the BNSF to Aurora and all three Union Pacific lines will be operating reduced schedules. BNSF and UP riders are strongly advised to check Metra’s website, listen to station announcements and check information boards at their departing stations.

At this time, Metra is planning to operate regular schedules on its other lines, with some exceptions as noted below. However, due to weather conditions, there may be cancelations and delays. All passengers are advised to continue to monitor Metra’s website and media outlets for service updates throughout the evening.

Schedule Changes:

BNSF Railway Schedule - Click Here


Metra Electric Train 733 will not operate this evening. Train 753 will accommodate these passengers and make all Flossmoor zone stops.


North Central Service Train 117 regularly scheduled to depart Chicago Union Station at 6:00 p.m. will depart at 6:30 p.m.


Annulments: Train Nos. 41, 43, 51,53,  55, 59, & 60

Train No. 45 – Making all stops Chicago to Elburn 

Train No. 47 – Making all stops Lombard to Elburn

Train No. 49:  Departs at 5:19pm – making all stops Chicago to Elburn

Train No. 61 – Making all stops Chicago to Elburn


Annulments: Train Nos. 331, 337, 345, 347, 349, 353 & inbound 346, 350, 354 

Train No. 339 – Making all stops Chicago to Waukegan

Train No. 341 – Making all stops Chicago to Kenosha 

Train No. 343 – Departs at 5:21pm – Making all stops Chicago to Kenosha

Train No. 351 – Making all stops to Waukegan

Train No. 355 – Making all stops to Kenosha


Annulments: Train Nos. 623, 627, 635, 637, 643, 651 & Inbound 650

Train No. 625 – Making all stops Chicago to Harvard 

Train No. 633 – Departs 4:57pm – Making all stops Chicago to Barrington

Train No. 639 – Make an additional stop at Clybourn 

Train No. 641 – Express to Cumberland making all stops to Harvard

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